Deluxe Barber Haircut  $65 & up

     Our signature service for those who want a little bit more.  The Deluxe Barber Haircut takes 45 minutes and come with full service shampoo, conditioning and of course our tea tree hot towel treatment. (Includes Men's Long Hair Cuts)

Traditional Barber Haircut   $55 & up

     Same great haircut you've come to expect from TRGC with a hot towel but without shampoo service.   30 Minute service.

Haircut & Beard Trim    $85 & up

     Deluxe Barber Haircut and Beard trim combo.  Includes shampoo, conditioning, hot towel and styling.

Beard Trim   $35 & up

     Get yer whiskers trimmed.  Shape up your face!

Beard Trim with Blade Line-Up   $45

     Traditional beard trim with straight razor finishing.

Buzzcut with Fade   $35

     30 minute service with all clippers no scissors. High n tight falls into this category. 

Buzzcut with Fade and Beard Trim   $60 & up

Bald Buzz   $35

     Your head buzzed completely bald with balding shaver. Please note there is no straight razor used.

Bald Buzz with Beard Trim   $60 & up

Long Hair Cut with Blow Out   $75 & up

     Salon Style. Long hair that reaches to the jawline and lower. Scissor cut, no clippers. 

Traditional Barber Shave   $55

     Straight razor shave with hot towels. Leave with a soft smooth face. 

Hot Lather Head Shave   $55

     Straight razor shave of the scalp and neck.

Hot Lather Head Shave + Beard Trim w/ Blade   $100

Traditional Barber Haircut + Barber Shave   $105

Neck Trim/ Line Up   $20

    Clean it up!! 15 minute service.

Add a blade to your service  + $10